The Nutritional Breakdown Of Oranges

One small sized orange contains 80 calories, 250 milligrammes of potassium and 19 grammes milligrammes drate’s. Moreover, one orange can provide you with 130 percent of your Vitamin C needs. It can also provide 2 percent of Vitamin A needs and 6 percent of calcium. Hence, it is quite evident that despite its small size, oranges pack a power punch regarding their nutritional value. However, doctors recommend you to take a fresh orange daily as compared to packaged juices as they can be adulterated which can be dangerous for your health.

Oranges are also rich in riboflavin, thiamin, niacin and vitamin B-6. As oranges are very rich in Vitamin C, they are beneficial in boosting the immune system of the body. Oranges are also rich is choline. It is a vital nutrient that helps us with sound sleep and proper movement of the muscles. Choline can also assist in maintaining the structure of cellular membranes. As oranges are high in choline, we should include oranges in our daily diet to make sure that our nerve impulses are in perfect condition. Choline also helps in the absorption of fat, and hence it can help fight obesity. Carotenoids found in oranges are helpful in combating the cancerous cells.

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